19 December 2012

A collector's heart

This layout is a bit different - it's nearly an inch thick, full of leaves, shells, snake skin, broken chandelier bits and flyscreen amongst other things. I put this together to celebrate my son's obsession with collecting things... the little photo is of a bowl of sticks and leaves he has on his bedside table; this is a big mixing bowl mind you, and god knows what bugs are living in the bottom of it, but he can't bear to throw his leaves away because they are 'so beautiful'. 

And that just makes me happy in my heart.  :)

Along with the leaf bowl, we have an apple sticker bowl, a rusty bits of wire bowl (hello tetanus), a tags I've ripped off my clothes bowl and a small shiny things I bring home from daycare bowl. Bless his little heart.  :)

Anyway, this page is a bit of a hodge-podge, like Ty's collections - I've used some vintage postcards, tickets, cardboard, sticky business card sleeves to hold the 'specimens' of leaves and snake skin, fly screen, a Prima bird and lightbulb, Bo Bunny paper for the background, pieces from the Note to Self collection, Amy Tangerine stickers and there's some hidden journalling tucked in under the title.

The snake skin was kindly donated by Station, our centralian carpet python. Ain't she sweet?

I don't know how long it will last till the skin and leaves disintegrate, but I kind of like that it's natural and will change over time.  :)

This will probably be my last post before Christmas, so to everyone throughout the year who has read my ramblings, left lovely comments and hopefully been inspired to create - wishing you and your families a wonderful, safe, relaxing, crafty, chocolate-laden Christmas !!

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