27 January 2011

Valentines picks from pork chop

Oh my goodness is it nearly February already? How did that happen!? That means that smoochy-smoochy love day is coming up. Here's some cute etsy finds in keeping with the theme... all for under 40 bucks.

More sweet picks here...

25 January 2011

Beat it, grandma

With such a creatively titled treasury, 'This Ain't Your Granny's Doily' from danceswithflowers is sure to get some interest! Thanks to Jenny for featuring my doily garland  :)

I love that doily clock! I had just 'hearted' it a few days ago with Holly's room in mind; but I'm not entirely sure it will go with her room's look and feel so I haven't bought it.

I'm trying to practice restraint. It's really hard. There's so much pretty stuff in the world... especially my little girl. How cute is this photo. Seriously. She makes me vomit with her cuteness.

18 January 2011

In my element!

I most certainly am... now that I have a new house to style!

Moving day was the longest of my life, and after a disappointing start due to the previous owners leaving the house in a mess, I have got stuck into (to quote my mum) 'tizzying around' with all this luscious blank space which is just aching to be decorated.

Only one room is close to being finished; our bedroom. How fitting then that this lovely etsy treasury from firewood furniture has made the front page... it's like a little snapshot of our new room!

 Here's my mood board I did a couple of months ago: 

My inspiration was faded - nautical - ocean voyage - calming - wood & wicker - blues - driftwood - linen.

The idea was not to buy anything new for this house; bar a new lounge from King Furniture (arriving Valentines day - how Richard will top that next year I don't know!). I'll get around to taking some better shots when I am not standing on one leg trying to keep a one year old from running into the ensuite and throwing my socks into the toilet. 

Above, you might be able to see my great great grandmothers mother of pearl inlaid fire screens which I have propped on either side of the bed.

This is our special box. Richard found this old spice drawer at Surry Hills markets and its filled with special treasures including a teddy bear I won at a primary school fete, a fertility icon from my dad, shells from a childhood trip to Wollongong, and Richard's little wooden train, the only thing he has from his nan who passed away when he was young.

The upturned wooden Dewars whisky box that I have used as a bedside table is from my Pa's garage. After the smell of kero finally dissipated, it was rebirthed as Ty's toybox, and now my table. The blue lamp is from Ikea.

I love my tribal drum, which I can play in a very basic fashion, and the kids love to beat on it. The linen was a little treat to myself (yeah I know I have already broken the 'no new stuff' rule), but I have never splurged on quality sheets and our old cheapie ones were getting pretty tired anyway. I bought the Sheridan 'Coast' quilt cover set from Domayne.

Holly's room is nearly done too... what will I do when I run out of rooms?!?