08 December 2010

The frustrated interior stylist

Well I can't do any sewing at the moment due to the whole moving house thing, but I am still mucking around on the computer until it too will need to be packed away next week. Mostly, I've been spending my time putting together mood boards for each room (yes, in a house that I don't actually own yet - details details).

My only problem is that I love too many different styles! Has that got anything to do with being on the cusp of Leo and Cancer? Fire and water; leader and follower, lover and fighter - I am a woman of contrasts. It's all fun and games until you need to buy a new sofa and can't decide whether faded vintage or sleek minimalism is going to be your go-to style for the next few years.

Oh, but thinking about it all is so much fun! The possibilites! I have about ten different ideas for Holly's room in particular, and have just put together this little etsy treasury which would probably work just as well as a theme for the master bedroom... goodness, I'm never going to be able to make any kind of design decisions.

The curse of too much choice!