23 March 2011

Inspiration: Stephane Tartelin

I'm loving Stephane Tartelin's beautiful illustrations. A Paris based graphic designer and illustrator, his work has a sharp, scratchy quality, full of angles and shadows yet lightweight and bright.

This rough, sketchy style is something I have always loved, mostly because it often looks easy to replicate but is really hard to do! If I tried to draw a pretty lady like the one above she would look like a malformed five year old, yet this girl looks tough, complicated, apprehensive and bored all at once.

You can see more of his fantastic work at www.tartelin.com

13 March 2011

A breath of fresh air...

... is a perfect title for this pretty, girly treasury put together by Kitty and Wren. All pink and mint and creamy fluffiness - check it out here.

Look at those little houndstooth ballet shoes! Freaking adorable.

08 March 2011

Bunnies of the cute, happy, sad, undead and evil kind

Something a little different on this Tuesday evening... Truman the fang bunny sits amongst his own kind in:

Odd bunnies of the apocalypse! Thanks to TheOddFactory for this sweet(?) treasury!