who is pork chop?

It struck me recently after Chantalle mentioned she liked my blog URL (thanks!) that some of you might be wondering what the weird name is about, and who is pork chop anyway? 

So, I thought I’d share a bit more about me than I can fit into the little blogger profile box.

My blog is named after Tyler. It’s like calling a skinny guy Fat Tony. Ty has a naturally lean build but when he was around 8 months old he lost lots of weight and looked like a little stick man. 

Calling him pork chop was my way of covering my fear that he would continue to lose weight. Luckily now at 5 years old he is a happy healthy boy, although he is still a skinny minnie.

Holly, on the other hand, is nicknamed muffin top because she was the opposite size and shape; she was always my little Kewpie doll!

When I started my blog in 2010, around the time Holly was born, it was in conjunction with me opening a little online store on Etsy and MadeIt selling baby clothes, soft toys and other cute stuff I had made. It was my way of escaping all the new baby stress and having a little time for myself, to create some sweet things, and it helped me unwind at the time. 
I haven’t sold under the Pork Chop name for ages but you can have a look at some of the stuff I’ve made here if you’re interested).  

So, pork chop and me = Tyler and myself! Now, you might have noticed I also have an Etsy shop called RaineCloud. What's that about you ask? Rain doesn't have an 'e' in it...

In 2011, I kinda fell out of love with sewing a little (mostly because I’m pretty crappy at it and it takes soooo long), and instead I became interested in selling vintage paper goods and other craft supply bits and pieces, so I opened my second shop, RaineCloud

RaineCloud is named after Holly, as her middle name is Raine. (I wanted Rainbow but Richard wasn't keen on a 'hippie mung bean freak' name, so we compromised when he found Raine which means queen in French).   :)

I had lots of stock to start off with which had been passed on to me by my mum and nan, and things I had picked up over the years at flea markets and antique stores, and I put together some ephemera packs and little handmade bits and pieces. I still sell things every now and then, you can have a look here if you like.  

I have also made and sold a ton of vintage doily garlands like these in the pic on the left; lots of which have been custom made for weddings and parties. I'm happy to make you one too!  Drop me a line with the length and colours you're after and I'll be in touch. 
So there you go - the evolution of my blog in a nutshell. Pork Chop is Tyler, RaineCloud is Holly, and even Richard gets a look in; he used to name my fang bunny toys for the Pork Chop store.

It's nice when craft and family are intertwined!

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