26 February 2012

Secrets on film...

Here is an idea for using these beautifully mysterious antique film negatives - I have used three of them in this layout that is a bit gilded-art-deco-masculine without being overly rough and blokey. I love this photo of Rich and Tyler - Ty is nearly 8 weeks old and looks like a little porcelain doll!

For this layout I wanted to convey my hubby's well-hidden sensitive side, and the gentler side of being a new father. I wanted to use some elements that reflected growth, memories and Richard's relationship with his own dad, so I thought these negatives would fit nicely (they were discovered in a now-closed antique store in the cardboard envelope shown below that reads 'Tasmania 1933'). There's more for sale in the shop.

Stay tuned for more layout inspiration using vintage goodies!

13 February 2012

A cabinet of...

1. T-rex skull brooch from O My Clumsy Heart
2. Vintage glass bottle with parrot feathers from Earth Sea Warrior
3. Antique pottery shards from the Thames from Fagin's Daughter
4. Tasmanian tiger pull toy from Lilli Piri
5. Vintage bisque dolls legs from Shaving Kit Supplies
6. Scarab Beetle necklace from A Different Place
7. Vintage metal drawer from Hindsvik
8. Crochet jellyfish ornament from Lazymuse Productions
9. Human tooth earrings by Polly Van Der Glas

08 February 2012

Something special to share

How lovely is this letter I came across recently. I just had to share it.

Dated May 23, 1905 it is addressed to Mrs Clara M Spaulding and reads:

"Dear Madam, I received your letter a few days ago with money order enclosed (thanks). The orchard is looking well at the present time, the olives are full of bloom. I had to prune them pretty heavy, as they certainly have been badly neglected in this respect. The trees that bore fruit are all on the low land.

There will be some apricots to pick this season. I will look after them if you wish. You can let me know by return mail, and you can send the bal. due as per contract at the same time ($13.00). The pare (sic) trees are not of much consequence, there are a couple of rows left. They have had very bad care evidently in the past, it is the same with the whole orchard for that matter.

There are quite a number of dead trees and vacant places in the apricot orchard, but the remaining trees are looking first rate. If all the vacant ground on the south side of the creek was planted to more peaches it would be worth something some day. But the outlook is not very encouraging as it is, not least as I look at it.

Yours resp.
L R Freeman."

I love this little window to another time. When was the last time you wrote a letter? Why not make a committment to write to a friend each month for a year - even if you have nothing to say. Write about what you made for dinner last night. Write about that funny thing your kid said. Write about your fruit trees. It doesn't matter - just write!

04 February 2012

Hey paper lovers... spread the (printed) word...

Join the movement - supported the printed word!

READ THE PRINTED WORD is an organisation dedicated to ensuring tangible books will never be replaced by e-readers:

"We support the printed word in all its forms: newspapers, magazines, and of course books. We think reading on computers or phones or whatever is fine, but it cannot replace the experience of reading words printed on paper. We pledge to continue reading the printed word in the digital era and beyond."

Visit readtheprintedword.org to get a button for your blog. Fight the power! :)

Incorporating vintage paper into your layouts, Part 2

Following on from this post, I'm posting another page that features vintage paper. 

I love this photo. It had taken me half an hour of coaxing to get Ty to climb this tree, and he was so chuffed with himself when he finally gave it a go. 

In this layout I have used pages from a 1954 atlas as leaves for the tree, hand cutting each one and curling and inking them a little on the edges. 

Again - I can't credit all the other things on the page due to my sieve-like memory, however I'm pretty sure the woodgrain paper is from October Afternoon, and the 'from' and 'things' alphas are Basic Grey.

Have you used any old maps in your layouts?