26 February 2012

Secrets on film...

Here is an idea for using these beautifully mysterious antique film negatives - I have used three of them in this layout that is a bit gilded-art-deco-masculine without being overly rough and blokey. I love this photo of Rich and Tyler - Ty is nearly 8 weeks old and looks like a little porcelain doll!

For this layout I wanted to convey my hubby's well-hidden sensitive side, and the gentler side of being a new father. I wanted to use some elements that reflected growth, memories and Richard's relationship with his own dad, so I thought these negatives would fit nicely (they were discovered in a now-closed antique store in the cardboard envelope shown below that reads 'Tasmania 1933'). There's more for sale in the shop.

Stay tuned for more layout inspiration using vintage goodies!

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