08 February 2012

Something special to share

How lovely is this letter I came across recently. I just had to share it.

Dated May 23, 1905 it is addressed to Mrs Clara M Spaulding and reads:

"Dear Madam, I received your letter a few days ago with money order enclosed (thanks). The orchard is looking well at the present time, the olives are full of bloom. I had to prune them pretty heavy, as they certainly have been badly neglected in this respect. The trees that bore fruit are all on the low land.

There will be some apricots to pick this season. I will look after them if you wish. You can let me know by return mail, and you can send the bal. due as per contract at the same time ($13.00). The pare (sic) trees are not of much consequence, there are a couple of rows left. They have had very bad care evidently in the past, it is the same with the whole orchard for that matter.

There are quite a number of dead trees and vacant places in the apricot orchard, but the remaining trees are looking first rate. If all the vacant ground on the south side of the creek was planted to more peaches it would be worth something some day. But the outlook is not very encouraging as it is, not least as I look at it.

Yours resp.
L R Freeman."

I love this little window to another time. When was the last time you wrote a letter? Why not make a committment to write to a friend each month for a year - even if you have nothing to say. Write about what you made for dinner last night. Write about that funny thing your kid said. Write about your fruit trees. It doesn't matter - just write!

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