05 December 2012

3 layouts I haven't shared yet ;)

Just realised I have a few retreat layouts from way back in August that I haven't blogged yet :) These were done at the amazingly fun Little Scrapbook Shop retreat.

I like this one... the photo was taken in the Noosa hinterland the day after Richie asked me to marry him (awww...).

Here's Richard and his mum Mary when he was a young 'un - in the backyard of the house (that we still lived in up until two years ago!) in Blacktown - see my Blacktown train ticket? A lucky find!  :)

The one below is a bit random with all sorts of stuff on it, but that's how I roll  :)

Like the photo? It wasn't staged - Ty (in red) and his cousins just happened to be wearing matching hats and sitting next to each other at the skate park.

There's one more from retreat but I think it deserves it's own post. :)

Enjoy your week!

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