01 January 2013

My December Daily... so far

I wasn't planning on doing a December Daily, or a Journal Your Christmas project, or anything of the sort. This festive season I was so stressed out with the combined effort and organising and co-ordination required for my brother's December wedding weekend near Newcastle, hubby's work Christmas weekend away at Ettalong, daycare parties, daycare graduation, Dad's Christmas in Newcastle (again) and my hubby's family Christmas at our place - all 4 December weekends full amongst the usual busyness of the season.

So WTF was I thinking when I started this little 6x6 project? Stress relief! I was kind of avoiding all that organising and preparing (and cleaning) and hiding in my craft room doing something fun.

But mostly, I was totally inspired by Ashli Oliver's posts and pics of her beautiful Christmas album that I figured halfway through the month that I'd give it a go myself. I love how she has made it interactive and cut up the page protectors to slot bits in and there's lots of stitching and messiness and movement.

Mine is a work in progress - 19 pages down and I haven't got to any of the kids yet, just Richard and my childhood memories! - so I've ordered 2 more packs of page protectors, and fished out lots more bits from my paper scraps box. This is a great project to use up lots of little pieces! I just wanted to share what I have done so far:

There will be a lot of journalling because so far I've only found one Christmas photo of Richard when he was little, and I really want to make this about 'our Christmas', so will have to grill him about his childhood memories to fill in the blanks.   :)

I like this page below - I've cut a slit in the page protector so I can tuck in some of the lists I write every Christmas; I'm a hard-core list maker anyway but at Christmas it just gets out of hand LOL.

I'll probably rearrange the pages a bit too - my little man is just getting into Lego so this shot of my brother and I in 1990 would make a good companion page for one about Ty's Lego that he just received from his aunties.

Can't forget my Christmas cake recipe tucked in to that paper bag there!

Lots of banner action going on...

... and lots of attempts at meaningful journalling...

Now I am up to the memories Richard and I have together, and next will come the kids.

So stay tuned for the remaining pages which I'll share next month! :)  If you've done a Christmas journal for 2012 feel free to share a link in the comments, I'd love to take a look!

For now, I'm feeling very philosophical and positive (as most people are on the first day of the year)... let me just say my word for the year is POW! which is mostly going to translate into some healthy changes!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Leonie, this is WONDERFUL! I love all the little bits and pieces and treasures you have tucked in this!!!!! Thank you so much for the sweet mention too :)