18 January 2013

One Little Word: Resolutions

I haven't had a go at Ronda Palazzari's One Little Word challenges before but I seem to be on a roll this month and was looking for another challenge to participate in... and this month's word, RESOLUTIONS, resonated with me.

Now, I'm not being negative, I'm just being honest when I say that I DON'T make New Years resolutions, because for me anyway, they are a bit of a crock based on the emotional high of a new year and not based in reality and therefore unsustainable and destined to flop. I like to make resolutions in the middle of the year, or at other random times, and I generally make sure I've done a bit of soul searching first to make sure I don't want to change something based on an emotional decision. That sounds a bit wanky, but I'm sticking to it.   :)

This year however, I think the timing was just serendipitous... I'm attemping to get stronger and be less stressed and if I lose some weight along the way, that's cool, but mostly I just want to feel a bit more centered. So I have started personal training a few times a week, and am walking with the dog on the other days. And I have discovered I kind of like running! WTF, I know, SOOOO not anything I ever thought I would do. I'm not an exercising person. I'm the dork who sat on the side of the oval at high school, preferring to write lines rather than have to play hockey. "Forgetting" my sports uniform once again. Emphasising my total lack of co-ordination so nobody would pick me for a team. It's TOTALLY not my thing. I don't do sport.

So it's come as a total surprise to me that I enjoy running. I'm still crap at it, I've only been training for 3 weeks, but I've signed up for the Mothers Day Classic (8km) and the City to Surf (14km) this year, so I'd better get my butt in gear!

Have you made a resolution this year? And have you scrapped it? Do share!

Materials used: Teresa Collins, Crate and Glitz Designs papers, Thickers, pink dylusions, Sunflower Glimmer Mist, white Kaisercraft paint, washi tape, star stamp I stole from my kids' craft table :)


  1. wow. i really love this.
    the bright colors and black edges.
    good luck with your running, that is impressive!

  2. THis is awesome! Thanks for playing along with us!!!

  3. whaa stunning! totally in love with your style!! <3

  4. Amazing work Leonie! I love your work and have passed on a Liebster award to you! (see my blog for details) :)