29 March 2010

I heart blankies

I love blankies. Especially special blankies, like the one Ty has. It's blue polar fleece, boring as, constantly covered in fluff and bits of toast, smells like crap, and is way too big to be practical. But it's still sweet. Especially when he shares it with his sister.

I am, however, hoping that Holly will become attached to something marginally more attractive (and more sensibly sized). So, I have made her a tag blanket - black and white skull polar fleece + pink zebra print cotton + purple dinosaur applique = AWESOME!

I am hoping she will think so anyway. Most likely she will vomit on it in disapproval.

I have four other blankets available that for US copyright reasons can't be sold via Etsy, so I have listed them on MadeIt - links below...

Zen Blue
Rainbow Reef
Little Moo

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