09 March 2010

Expectations... shifted

Today, I have officially accepted that Tyler no longer needs a two hour nap in the middle of the day.

This much-dreaded day has been looming on the horizon for months, however something surprising happened today after I woke up and steeled myself for twelve straight hours of toddlerdom - we had fun. We had a really nice day. I wasn't cranky; he wasn't naughty; we just had a great day.

I think the thing that made this so is that I wasn't expecting to get my eagerly awaited 'me-time' after lunch, and therefore didn't get frustrated when I had a little man wanting to play hide and seek at 2pm when I'd been trying to get him into bed since 12.30.

We didn't have any plans - all we did was buy tiny obscure sized batteries for a zillion different toys that had been silent for months and have now been reanimated. We played with trains, we drew, we did craft, we read books, we watched Yo Gabba Gabba, we used his slide as a bowling ramp, and just generally had a beautiful relaxing day.

The author of another blog I frequent posts a short list of things she is thankful for each day, and being in this reflective mood, I'm inspired to do the same.

Today I love
The smell of: grass
The sound of: Holly's first cooing noises
The taste of: Tyler's half eaten banana
The sight of: Ty sharing his blanket with Holly
The feel of: A summery breeze - perfect, perfect weather

Good things about today
- I enjoyed my children instead of just trying to get through the day
- Richard and I had a very brief but rare cuddle on the lounge
- I got most of the housework done
- I was able to get some sewing done before 10pm
- I had a healthy lunch of rice cakes and tomato

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  1. its rather late, but I love your blogs Noni. I always found as a mum that when you finally let go and "go with the flow" magic happens. Deb