07 March 2010

Ssssssuper etsy finds

So I'm looking around my little office / storage room / herp room* / general dumping ground trying to think of an interesting search term to inspire an 'etsy finds' post... and I look over to our two pythons watching me coolly as always from across the room. Here's some lovely finds with a nod to Rumble and Station. Enjoy!

Ball python soft sculpture by weirdbuglady

Suede python bag by limilovesbags

Tangerine snakeskin bracelet by unearthed's shop

Snake art print by thailan's shop

Jake's python by nixonillustration

Python snake skull pendant by mrd74

Snakeskin jasper rondelle beads by yakutum

African python and elk corset belt by stacyleigh

Red snake crew tee by cypressink

*WTF is a herp room you ask... herps = herpetology = snakes  :)

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