02 March 2010

Fabric of the week - Dig It (and a rant about my storage crisis)

This one is for my wee man... Michael Miller's Dig It.

I'm coveting this storage basket from baffinbags on etsy but would need about ten of them to tame the bomb site that is Tyler's toy shelves (in the meantime I have just received this gorgeous snack bag in the post from greenstreetbags. Ty loves it!).

Anyway on to the storage issue, I have just taken care of the 'small bits' storage with some little plastic modular workshop bins that my hubby was ditching from his work van. Now we have a basket each for trains, matchbox cars, men and tiny craft pompom balls (he loves them, or rather, loves throwing them far and wide and picking them up with tongs).

It's the big storage that I can't seem to get my head around in his room. To make matters more complex, Ty's room will shortly become Ty and Holly's room, and will be full of yet more crap, ahem - 'precious possessions'.

Dammit, we just need a bigger house.

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