06 June 2010

Wanderlust envy

My mum is quite the globetrotter.

I believe it's her plan to visit every country on earth before she kicks the bucket. In the past eight years, she has been to Thailand, Singapore (3 times), Hong Kong (twice), China (twice), Canada, Scotland (twice), England (a few times), France, Germany, Ireland (twice), Japan, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Belarus, Poland, New Zealand, the USA, and numerous Aussie towns. Plus I'm sure I've forgotten some in there.

She has just this morning completed a Yangtze river cruise and is about to board a plan to Tibet.


Not having ever been overseas myself, nor inherited the famous Clifford Holiday Gene, her trips abroad with Jimmy have always been a quirky little aside: 'Oh yes, mum's off overseas again'... I'd wistfully pretend it was me in her place for a few moments then get back to the washing up or whatever other mind-numbing menial task that normal, proper, non-travelling types like myself get up to.

However, this time it's a bit different. Mum and Jimmy are off to Lhasa, somewhere I have wanted to visit for the last ten years. I don't know why this place holds such an attraction for me: it's most likely poor, grey, crumbling, fly-blown and hard to navigate. But there's an ancientness to it; a mysticism, an honesty, a contrast, that really sets my senses flying just thinking about it.

Ganandro's shop on etsy sums up the beautiful vibe of the place with some stunning portraiture and joyous action shots from her travels in this breathtakingly beautiful country.

*Sigh*. I wish I wasn't saving for a house. But one day I will get there! Even if I am 78 and too old and decrepit to climb the steps of the Potala.

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