25 June 2010

Looking for love in all the wrong places

Elroy is still looking for a home...

Will you be his new mummy? Or daddy? Or grandpapa?

Elroy's spot in the limelight will soon be dimmed when more fang bunnies arrive to crowd his personal space and generally make him feel old and uncool.

However, this might not happen for a few weeks yet - I am taking a little hiatus from sewing (amongst other things) due to some extreme mouth discomfort due to new braces. (At 28. Oh yeah, it's such a good look.)

But - onwards and upwards! Must focus on the positives. I have wanted purty teeth for about fifteen years and now, finally, it's happening. I am getting my Extreme Makeover. I got a haircut today. I'm getting my eyeballs Lazik'd soon. Then Carson will come along and whisk me away to a magical pixie land and tell me What Not To Wear and make me 10 Years Younger and then there will be the reveal and all my friends and family will go Oooooohhhh wow.

(Go away reality, I like my magical pixie land.)

Gotta go now. Need more Nurofen.

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