07 June 2010

I WON! I WON! (Cue tumultuous applause)

I've never won anything other than two bucks on a scratchie, but the lovely folk at KID Independent saw fit to rectify that after I blogged about their Mothers Day giveaway.

I managed to score the sweet bonus prize which includes an original and beautifully finished handbag from Fybre; a pretty necklace and clip set from Pink Apple which just happens to be in my new fave colour combo of pink, red and aqua; and a nifty top-and-bottom opening purse from Bink & Boo.

My parcel has just arrived today and I love it! (Excuse the crappy picture taken on my ancient phone.)

Thanks KID Independent & talented crafty peeps! Now, I just need somewhere fancy to go so I can wear / use my lovely new treats... (hint hint, husband).

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