10 June 2010

Inspiration: Benja Harney

I thought I had a bit of a love affair with paper, but Sydney based 'paper engineer' Benja Harney takes it to a whole new level.

Check out these photos... these artworks are all made from paper. PAPER, people.

Oh. My. God. The patience that must be required for such work is staggering, especially for someone like me who refuses to make anything that takes longer than an hour to finish.

The cutting! The folding! The not being able to eat chocolate while you're working for fear of your grubby mitts dirtying your paper!

It's neat, crisp, gloriously impermanent perfection.


Visit his site for more amazing images. Images above taken from Benja's website, flickr and Behance page.


  1. thanks for your post
    i am in fact a man

  2. oh my goodness how incredibly embarassing.

    *edits post frantically*

    your stuff is amazing! :)