06 May 2010

BRAINS... brains.... BRAINS!!!

Mwah... a special thanks to lovely Etsy seller Jen from danceswithflowers who featured Elroy in her cute zombie themed treasury. Coz zombies can be sweet too!

Speaking of zombies (in a round about kind of way...) have you ever sold something on ebay and then kinda wished you hadn't?

Before the kids came along (ie: over two years ago), I had a big clean out and sold a heap of crap online, including a Roman Dirge Zombie Bunny.

Now, this thing was rad. The box read: 'Horrible! Hideous! Fluffy!'. He came complete with pink fleshy vinyl features and eyes, pre-dirtied fur for that real undead look, and even had a mini comic strip on the box with captions such as 'Look out! Zombie bunny is feeding off your brain hunk!' or something of that nature.

He may have been cool, however, common sense prevailed (Do I have room for this in my one storage cupboard? How often am I going to use a zombie rabbit?) and he was cast aside like a soggy tissue, on to the ebay pile and out of my life.

Now he appears to be out of production, and seemingly some sort of cult collectable, so maybe I am a Class A Sucker for letting him go for a measly thirty bucks. Then again, at least I got to enjoy having my brain hunk sucked for a little while.

Footnote: I have just had a flashback to when I was around 12, so my brother would have been 7: Greg squeezing his fingers up and down on top of my head a la Bugs Bunny in the classic Barber of Seville scene, saying 'What's this? A brain sucker. What's it doing? Nothing!'. Hahaha hysterical laughing ensues. Ah -  brothers. Gotta love 'em.

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