25 May 2010

We eat ham and jam and spam a lot

Forgive the Monty Python reference, but I've had the Camelot song in my head for the last two days after taking the kids to 'My Lords & Ladies Medieval Fayre' at Nurragingy Reserve on Sunday.

Richard was reading out the newspaper article to me the day before and to be honest I wasn't overly keen, but when he said 'Ooo Noni, they have craft markets', I was a lot more open to the idea! 'Twas a good day out overall - and there's nothing like a bit of old fashioned hand-to-hand combat to get the blood pumping and refresh the senses. Ty enjoyed the horsies, Rich the jousting, I was just happy having a coffee and a nice walk.

The 'craft markets' were perhaps a bit too ambitiously named as such, although there was a lady using Australian farmed deer leather to make some beautiful shoes which were so strong and soft. And the three friendly maidens demonstrating tablet weaving were very talented!

I came away with a pair of silver bagpipe earrings for my mum (a bit of an in joke), and a pretty mint green knitted baby jumper for Holly which is sooo soft and only set me back ten bucks. Bargain!

So bravo for nanna knits - who needs to pay $30, $40, $50 or more on madeit or Etsy when you can just swing past your local Rotary stall or Lantern Club street market and pick up a genuine handmade piece of fuzzy love for peanuts. And why not pick up a few crocheted coathangers whilst you're there?

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