10 May 2010

The fangs have it

Thanks to Nay from Moonangelnay who has kindly featured Elroy in her monday magic etsy finds, showcasing relatively new sellers.


Now for some post filler...  :)

Today I love
The smell of: lamb cutlets
The sound of: Deftones on Windows media player
The taste of: biscuits lovingly hand decorated by Tyler
The sight of: Holly's giant muffin top
The feel of: velvet ribbon

Good things about today
- I had two hours special time with Holly (thanks Heidi for Ty's play date)
- Scones with jam & cream... mmmm...
- I managed to get Ty away from the TV for the entire afternoon / night
- Most of the washing is done
- I'm in a relatively good mood for having had only 4 hours sleep and eating nothing but sugar all day

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