29 April 2010

Bunting, biscuits and procrastination

My frilly bit of doily loveliness has been featured (again! yay!), this time on the madeit blog. Hmmm... perhaps I should piece together some more of them...?

-  OR  -

I could sit on my ass eating the shortbread that Ty & I made yesterday, trolling my craft RSS feeds, favouriting things, hearting things, bookmarking things, and generally avoiding the to-do list that features very prominently on my wall.

See that big bit of white paper there? The one with twenty (crap! 20!?) things to do on it? I'm pretending it doesn't exist right now.

There isn't really an easy place to start either:

'Finish quilt.' Sounds fun, but I started the thing without experience, pattern or clue, so it's still sitting over there in the cupboard, laughing at me. How do I put the back on? How do I bind the edges? Can I even find the fabric I bought for the backing? Who knows.

'Scan Rich - old pics box + album.' Woot, scanning. Tops. A whole album and a whole box full, no less. Next.

'Clear out for Vinnies'. Ah, a delicate one. Must do this in the snippets of time I can find when Rich is at work and the kids are sleeping, so he is blissfully unaware of what I'm chucking out. He's a hoarder, I'm a purger. But when the office is so full I can't actually pull my chair out from my desk, something's gotta give.

*Sigh*. Maybe I should just cover that nasty list up with more pictures of the kids.

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