14 October 2010

Oh, the places you'll go!

With lovely customers based all over Australia and internationally, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at all the cities I have sent orders to...

From just down the road from my house, to Brisbane, outback WA, Mornington, Adelaide and Tassie, and on to New York, Oregon, Virginia and Venice Beach, it's sweet to think of a little something that I made being worn by a little girl in Mount Gravatt or adorning a bedroom in Portland.

And on the flipside, here's a shout out to the etsy sellers all over the world whose lovely handmade wares I have bought (note there is a distinct yet unintentional Stateside bent to this list):

Rainbow fabrics in California - yes, of course I can buy fabric from the store up the road but they have some lovely hard-to-find prints

3dots in Quebec - Lucie's wooden jewellery is graphic and organic and beautiful

The Pink Crochet Hook in Tenessee - look at those apple jackets, they just make me smile

Spidercamp in Atlanta - funniest shop EVER

Sir Mitchell in LA - my favourite t-shirt ever, featuring my favourite quote that I have been using for years that I can FINALLY wear across my chest*

Smika in Europe - soft and tactile wool felt beads

Lunahoo in Spain - simple but feminine jewellery - I love these earrings; they make me think of Icarus

*That quote would be 'you are a beautiful and unique snowflake'. Know the film? Hint: my son is named after the lead character (yes really) :)

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