10 October 2010

Handmade Christmas Part 1: Advent Calendar

 At Christmas, I have always made something little for my mum, but this year, nearly everything for my friends and family will be handmade.

That's the plan anyway.

Now, I am not entirely sure who reads my blog so I can't give away all my surprise ideas, but I can tell you what I'll be making for the kids and a few other special people. I'll be posting updates as I go, hence this post is part 1.

For pork chop and muffin top I'm making an advent calendar, using Michael Miller's Gnomeville fabric as a base. We never really had advent calendars when I was little, but it's a tradition I'd love to start with my children, so I thought I would make a lasting calendar that will hopefully become part and parcel of Christmas celebrations at our place in years to come.

I didn't use a pattern or anything for this; just googled fabric advent calendars and got a few ideas. Because I am half arsed and not so good at fiddly stuff, I've used little squares of fabric about 6 x 3 inches, doubled over and pinked the edges. I could have got all fancy and turned the edges of each pocket under and things but that involves ironing, and this is supposed to be fun, so that idea didn't go much further. I attached them to the front panel using my double needle which I haven't used before - the pockets turned out quite nicely I think. Just the right size for a few lollies or coins.

The backing is a lovely gold and cream Japanese wave print that I had originally bought to back Holly's quilt. The pocket fabrics include Michael Miller's Dick & Jane print, calico, cotton drill and bits of one of Ty's gingham bassinet sheets.

The top is a simple rod pocket arrangement and so that I don't have to make a special trip to Bunnings to buy a length of dowel, I will probably end up using a nice twig from the garden and some ribbon to hang it on the wall.

Look out for Handmade Christmas Part 2 - yummy things in jars!

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