24 October 2010

Handmade Christmas Part 3: Repurposed Polo Stocking

This is another one of those traditions that our family never really 'did' when I was little, but I want to make it a regular Christmas occurrence for my children - stockings.

I like the idea of a stocking hung on the bed post on Christmas eve, to be found full of little goodies in the morning, along with one or two big pressies under the tree.

I found this tutorial on (cringe) Martha Stewart's website (I usually try to avoid anyone big enough to be considered a corporation). Having said that, this stocking from a repurposed polo shirt was too cute to resist. I had one of my old purple polos in a chuck-out bag under my desk, ready to take to Vinnies, so I had the bonus feel-good hit from reusing something I was going to get rid of next week anyway.

I didn't use Martha's pattern; just freehanded a shape with tailor's chalk on to my shirt, leaving around 2cm either side of the collar for seam allowance. I whizzed around the edges on my machine then realised how discoloured and manky the inside collar binding was, so I covered it with some dark aubergine satin ribbon, adding a wide ribbon for hanging at the same time. This probably would have been a lot easier to do before I sewed the back and front pieces together (note to self for next time).

Then I switched the old boring buttons for cute mis-matched girly ones, and made a little co-ordinated brooch from satin ribbons, a button and a tiny doily. I was going to get fancy and put Holly's name on it somewhere, but I suck at embroidery. It doesn't really hang beautifully when it's empty but I'm hoping it sits nicely when full of goodies!

Now to raid hubby's wardrobe so I can make a matching one for Tyler. Next Handmade Christmas installment: Meow, pussycats... It's a crazy kitty pencil case.

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