27 August 2010

Pork Chop in frankie magazine!

Look who's in issue 37 of frankie! I'm quite proud of my little self because:

a) It's my favourite mag
b) It's the first time Pork Chop has featured in print
c) editor Jo has written a lovely little blurb about my bunting (reproduced below), and;
d) I can wave it in maniacally front of my husband and say "See?! Craft is not so lame after all!"

It reads:


We learnt a new word the other day: tchotchke. It's Yiddish and it means 'cherished knick knack', and we couldn't think of a better description for the little dangly piece of bunting fun you see right here. This particular tchotchke is made by Sydney crafter Pork Chop out of vintage doilies (some from her nanna) and bias tape, so it comes pre-cherished and ready to cherish some more. A bit sweet, isn't it? $38, www.madeit.com.au/porkchop

PS - Note the pink and white candy striped one featured has sold already but I'll be listing a couple more soon; or contact me for a custom one.

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