05 August 2010


After a major emotional meltdown today I've decided I need to stop overstretching myself to the point where I am crying at the kitchen sink due to the sheer load of crap I have to get done.

I have started by:
  • Culling my RSS feeds from 35 down to 15 - leaving just the ones I read religiously (etsy's daily finds, pikaland, the long thread), and the ones that give me a laugh (regretsy, clients from hell). It was getting to the point where I'd sit down for a moment to 'check my mail' and still be checking it an hour later.  

  • Deciding to blog once a week, rather than just randomly trying to write something of interest every second day. Hopefully(!) this will mean better quality posts for you and less waffle for me. Although I do enjoy a good waffle.

  • Deleting my facebook pork chop account, which I never really updated or used much.

  • Costing out each product that I make down to the small details - if it's not making sense financially, then it's got to go. Perhaps this is a no-brainer and something I should probably have done when I first started this whole gig, but hey. You live, you learn.

  • Homeshopping - for groceries via Woolies online. Dragging one kid around for an hour trying to dodge repeated requests for freddo frogs was never fun, now with two kids it's even more challenging. I even tried giving Tyler his own shopping list with pictures of a banana, a milk carton, a toilet roll etc. Despite my forced enthusiasm for this, the novelty of his own special list has worn off. I'll just suck up the $9 delivery fee and order from my desk, thanks.

  • Cooking up a storm - thankfully, I was in the cooking mood earlier in the week and after dinner one night made a stack of stuff to freeze: a tuna and rice bake, some salmon and corn patties, and some lovely healthy muffins that I kind of threw together without a recipe - all cereal and yoghurt and pears and such. I am going to try and do this once a week or even once a fortnight just so I don't have to stress about dinner every single night.

  • Making lists - starting with what both children need to take to daycare. Until I get used to what goes in the Thomas bag and what goes in the Pooh Bear bag, this list puts my mind at ease during the morning rush. I've always been a big list fan anyway but now they are stuck on the kitchen wall, in my office, on the fridge, and you can usually find a shopping list written on my hand.

  • Using my diary religiously. Scheduling EVERYTHING. This includes marking out me-time every now and then. Whether it actually happens as planned is another matter!

  • Having a bed time. No more late, late nights thinking 'I'll just finish this then I'll go to bed'...
I'm sure I'll be making more changes too. I'm so over spreading myself so thin that I'm doing ten different things and feeling like I'm not doing any of them justice, including the most important job of all. More energy to play with pork chop and muffin top all day is the ultimate goal of this whole thang.

Feel free to post suggestions! Anything that will help me get 'all my poo in one sock', as it were. 

Image credit - thanks to the closet entrepeneur

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