21 July 2010

Hide and Seek and ye shall find

Ususally I would have to moan and bargain and cajole and blackmail and pout to get my husband to agree to go to 'a craft thing' with me, however this weekend I have an excuse: it's my birthday, dammit, and we are going to the inaugural Hide & Seek market.

Organised by the lovely Aloma, this market promises to fill a gap in Sydney's handmade market scene, catering to the West and surrounding areas which have previously been bereft of pretty handmade baby stuff.

I am looking forward to it both as a customer and a potential future stallholder... hopefully pork chop will be on the attendance list for a later date this year... watch this space!


  1. Thanks Leonie. Make sure you say hello! Cheers Aloma

  2. Thanks Aloma :)

    However it appears I am a Class A Goose because I turned up on SATURDAY not SUNDAY even after posting that pic up above that has Sunday written on it, oh and I also had it as Sunday in my diary, but clearly I am going insane and have unfortunately given the hub plenty more ammo to hassle me about being scatterbrained.


    I believe I will try and get to the next one, most probably minus the husband.