20 July 2010

Blog love

Check out Jem's lovely blog at Mummy Jembelina... she is a fellow madeit seller who makes the cutest knitted pants for bubs, and she has just featured my doily garland in a madeit finds post.

Thanks Jem! xo

More doily garlands on the to do list soon! I have just picked up some beautiful blue and cream striped bias tape, some in a light coffee colour, and some sunny yellow too, so more pretty garlands are on the way!

Enjoy your week peeps... I am enjoying the last few days of being 28, and the last few days of being a full time stay at home mum. As of next Tuesday I will be gainfully employed as a part time graphic designer. I think this is a good thing, but I really don't know. There's lots of conflicting emotions going on in my brain right now...

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