30 June 2012

I can't do minimalist...

...so this is about as close as I get. 

What I was trying to do here was recreate a gorgeous, simple layout that my friend Karyn had done that featured a tiny black and white photo in the bottom corner and a whole lot of white space.

Karyn's is a lot more balanced, but I don't mind how mine turned out. This is one of my favourite photos of Holly. She's playing in the sand on New Year's Eve and being her chilled out little self while everyone else was off splashing in the water. She was happy just to sit and eat sand. Mmmm... crunchy.

I've got a bit of hidden journalling in the kraft envelope too. The paper is from the Kindred Spirit collection from Ruby Rock-It. The starfish is from Scrapmatts, and the sticker at the very top of the page says 'Make a beautiful mess' - very appropriate for my little girl!

Stay crafty!

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