28 January 2012

Incorporating vintage paper into your layouts, Part 3

Following on from this post and this one, here is another little layout in a bit of a different style - it's quite bright and modern but I have still managed to include some vintage paper. In this case I found a few lines of text from a 1950's children's book called Little Penguin. It reads -

"How surprised the zoo-keeper was!
And so were all the people.
The other boys and girls came running."

I thought it was really cute and fitted well with the pics of my nut-case kids upside down in a ball pit. I included the accompanying pink and black illustration as well to balance the mix of vintage and new.

I love how bright and colourful this layout is. Note that I have used some Japanese washi tape around the edges as well; I love this stuff and have to stop myself from using it on EVERYTHING.

Happy crafting!

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