15 November 2011

Beautiful Diaries for 2012...

Is it just me, or does everyone get excited at the thought of buying a new diary? All those blank pages to fill! A new year ahead, full of possibilities! And, best of all, you get to use your best handwriting and your special nice pens....

Here's my picks for the new year's best diaries:

Weekly planner from Little Otsu

Illustrated Diary from Minasmoke


Undated Diary from O-Check

And my personal favourite (of which I have bought many over the years) - the Master Plan from Milestone Press. A perfect A5 package, week to an opening, with enough space for all the family's activities, and best of all it runs for a year and a half, so you can buy your new diary in September and start using it straight away :)


Need more choice? You can't go past a Moleskine, complete with a turquoise leather cover.

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