08 May 2011

New in store: Ice Cream and Great Aunties*

*Not actually selling my Great Aunty.

Some beautiful new bias tapes have just arrived in my letterbox all the way from South Carolina - gorgeous blue and pink checked cottons with a crochet style decorative edge for extra frou-frou.

Pink version to come; but the blue is in store now, named after my dad's Aunty Gladys who is kickin' it old-lady-style somewhere up near Ballina (that would be her above, cradling my fat one year old but).

I've included a voile handkerchief and a delicately cross-stitched napkin in this bunting; I've got such a mixed collection of interesting and unique vintage linens that I'm going to start including other pretty bits and pieces aside from just round crochet doilies in my buntings. 

Apparently my other half thinks I have 'too much frilly craft shit' (see exhibit A below) however I think this is a matter of perspective.

Available through my madeit and etsy shops.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also just listed in the shop is a tasty brown and green doily bunting which I just had to call Choc Mint! But now I feel like ice cream and I don't have any. Drag. 

I love these colours together. The brown and green doilies are hand-dyed.

I actually have two of these lovelies; I used the matching halves of each doily to make two mirror image garlands. Each two metres long and both just as pretty as each other - available through madeit and etsy.

And lastly I hope everyone enjoyed their mothers day and got at least five minutes peace and quiet!

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