08 November 2010

Handmade Christmas Part 4: Kitty pencilcase (I can has pencils?)

Inspired by tokyoinspired's cat pencil cases, I have whipped up my own version of a kitty pencil case for my niece.

I drew a simple pattern on paper and cut it so the finished product would be roughly 30cm long. I used a lovely scratchy (pun intended) wool blend fabric and cut the front piece all the way across where the mouth was to go, then pinned it all wrong sides together. Then I ran all the way around the edges with a straight stitch - no need to leave an opening as I could turn him right way out through his mouth (oh it's wonderful not to have to hand-finish seams).

Three cute blue buttons and a red 13cm zipper (which was the smallest I could find at Lincraft) complete his kooky little face. I didn't bother with a zipper foot, the regular machine foot worked fine. He was easy, super fast, and I'm really happy with how he turned out!

Next handmade Christmas installment: Undie monsters! RAWWRRRRRR!

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