17 February 2010

Hola! Mi nombre es Carlos!

Carlos has arrived! Check out the shop to learn more about his antisocial personality disorder.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day - I scored a lovely silver snake bracelet from my hubby but only because he felt he had to buy me something because he was buying our 3 week old daughter Holly a sweet little butterfly bangle. He reckons V day is a bit of a crock invented by Hallmark and he tells me he loves me every day so why should he just celebrate 'us' on the 14th February and blah blah blah rant rant rant.

Anyway, my effort involved a mildly amusing poem about how we really don't get along and mostly can't stand the sight of each other, and a Moroccan chicken tagine which ended up a bit apricot-chickeny (didn't have any dates so I used prunes and dried apricots) but was still pretty damn good.

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