07 September 2012

My (sorta) smash journal bucket list

Ok, it's not actually a Smash journal but I was going for the same kind of concept :)

I picked up this awesome Sarabinders mini ring binder at retreat a few weeks ago for two bucks (bargain!). It has a strange 6-ring configuration that doesn't work with a normal hole punch - you can buy plain paper inserts to fit, but I thought it would be much more fun to make my own pages. They turned out too pretty to cover with photos and embellishments so I thought I'd give some proper journalling a go, seeing as how I usually avoid it like the plague.

So now I finally have my bucket list somewhere else other than my head!  :)  I like the fact that there's no consistency to my colours or altered pages so I can easily add more later without it all having to match. 

Some of the things on my list - see the cherry blossom festival in Japan...

...go stargazing in the outback...

I've never touched snow - at 31, I think this one is way overdue!

I have wanted to learn guitar ever since I saw Jack Johnson in the Domain a year or two ago.

I've still got a few spare pages and will certainly add to this as the years go by. I've used a mixture of paints, glimmer mists, distress stains, kindyglitz, stamps, inks and probably a few other things to decorate the cover, and covered it all with PVA glue to seal it.

Have a crafty weekend!


  1. Your journal is beautiful!
    It's an inspiration for mine :)

  2. Oh I love this Kim! Xx

  3. I love your Bucket Journal. I have been looking exactly for this type Bucket List...Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.